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Research & Reports

Growing Gardens Handbook

The Growing Gardens Team has created a handbook on gardening in Albuquerque Public Schools, called “Growing the Outdoor ClassroomThis is a link to a PDF file..”

The handbook includes information on:

  • The Outdoor Classroom
  • Planning a School Garden
  • Growing Basics for Plants
  • APS and School Gardens
  • School Garden Resource List

Growing Gardens Team Report

In summer 2009 a group of dedicated APS school gardeners began to meet and share ideas. Shortly thereafter they formed the Growing Gardens Team (GGT). GGT members knew that APS school staff have, one by one, been planting their own gardens but no one knew how many gardens there were. The GGT identified the following goals: develop a directory of APS gardens, find out some basic information about existing and planned gardens, and determine the training/networking needs of the staff working in these gardens. As a result, one of the first steps the GGT took was to administer a district wide survey. Additionally, case studies were conducted to provide a more in-depth look at school gardening successes, barriers and potential strategies. This report is based on the results of 29 surveys and 4 case studies.