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About the Growing Gardens Team

In summer 2009 a group of dedicated school gardeners began to meet and share ideas. And our big questions were- how many school gardens are there in APS and hwo do we support each other? Shortly thereafter the Growing Gardens Team (GGT) was formed.

During the 2009-2010 school year the GGT surveyed schools and found there were 29 APS schools with gardens.  As of spring 2011 there are over 50 school gardens in APS, which is over 1/3 of all APS schools. We plan to re-survey fall 2011 and hope the number keeps rising!

GGT’s main activities are:

maintaining a directory of APS gardens,

hosting workshops and networking activities,

sharing information and resources via list serve,

accessing resources, equipment and funding for school gardens

this site and maintaining a handbook on gardening in APS.

GGT meet the second monday of the month at Michael Thomas Coffee at 4pm. EVERYONE is WELCOME!!

Find the report on APS gardens and the Handbook on Gardening in APS or

GGT VISION–APS schools have vibrant gardens and outdoor classrooms. These gardens are integrated into the curriculum and are actively supported and sustained with the help of community partners.

GGT MISSION–Foster a network to provide training, tools and resources to Albuquerque area school staff that want to garden with students.

Why School Gardens?